For years you’ve lived up to other people’s expectations:

  • Parents 

  • Peers

  • Partners

  • Children

  • Employers


You’ve chased external validation consciously and subconsciously.


Now, It’s Time to Certify Yourself!   It's the M.B.A.A.


  • Mindset of a midlife maven

  • Boundaries that are self-honoring 

  • Action steps that get you what you want

  • Accountability that keeps on track with living  your brand of personalized freedom. 

Yep, Prioritizing YOU!

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Join this community of midlife women who are older and owning hard-earned wisdom that positions you to create the new life chapters you’ve been craving. 

The Midlife Remix is…

  • centered around a podcast with a twist …

  • hosted by c.Rene’ Washington (master life coach, author, and speaker)…

  • your weekly dose of ‘get your life’ inspiration that not only leaves you feeling’ll DO better!

“You’ve always had the power, my dear.
You just had to know it for yourself.”

~ from The Wizard of Oz


When women tell me they don’t know who they are anymore  without the cover of role/title OR what they want, I smile.


             Because, I know that with a little prompting aka 'permission’,                   they’ll tell me exactly who they are and what  they want.

                        Because you know. 

                                    You simply don’t believe it’s possible to be THAT                                         woman and have THAT life. 

                                                     And it absolutely is. 

I dithered in that type of confusion for years...pushing the ‘shoulds’ and the ‘oughts’ like good Christian women are taught to do. 


Until I experienced the cost. 

A mini-stroke and a 5-day hospital stay. 


Until I was taught a new way to view time when my beautiful, vibrant mom died unexpectedly at (a young) age 74.


It took me years to come to the clarity that living life on your own terms isn’t selfish. It’s self-FULL.


Full of WHAT truly matters to you.

Full of the people WHO truly matter to you.

Full of HOW you want to positively impact your circle of influence... and the world.

- c. Rene’

Follow your nudges. NOW. Someday is some time wasted. Period.


I created The Midlife Remix Podcast and Community because the more women connect to and amplify their personal dreams and desires, the more powerful you become and the more we all benefit from that power. 


I’ve coached hundreds of women and the women I work with share one commonality: Their dreams bring their people with them. It’s never only about them. Like…


left corporate at age 48 to run a successful foundation for single moms…


faced the fact that she was holding on to certain situations for fear that they would not be replaced in her life with something better.  Is in a much healthier place to be and has arrived at an exciting point in her career and life!


began practicing self-honoring boundaries...going from being on 32 committees to 4 and opening up the space to do what she thought would have to wait years to be realized: being a creative writer while continuing to honor her career commitment…


silenced all the ‘should’ voices to create a coaching business on her own terms and move across country to experience new adventures…


quit her job and ‘steeped in obligations’ way of living to also move across the country to be near her joy...her grandchildren…


created her ‘until I retire’ plan to work in her passion (teaching yoga) now and has a solid next chapter plan already in flow.

You too can dust off long held dreams or dream new dreams that can become your reality

Drop people and activities that sabotage instead of serve your best interests 

Untangle the ‘shoulds’, ‘oughts’, and old narratives to learn who you really are at this stage of life and who you want to become

Change the ‘it’s too late’ narrative to ‘it’s a new adventure’ and call in Journey Joy regardless of outcome

Learn what’s healthy for YOU (physically, financially, spiritually, mentally, emotionally) and LIVE IT


Connect to women who not only ‘get you’, they elevate you as you do them

Start a business, get a new degree, travel the world, sit on your bespoke porch/patio

Do YOU...Finally and Definitively...NOW!

So, how do you get all of that through a podcast?? Here’s what’s included:

  • Weekly episodes that get and keep you on track for your life upgrade

  • Expert guests who’ll help you level UP your life in the ALL the ways

  • A monthly virtual Coaching Salon to answer your burning questions and will also include the opportunity to be in the hot seat for live spot coaching

  • A quarterly book club

  • Periodic Fun & Fab Happy Hours, where we’ll chat about what's new and poppin’ re movies, tv shows, music, Idris, etc.

  • The Gatherings: in person dinners and an annual retreat (covid-protocal safe, of course)

Why Joining Is The Best Thing You Can Do For Yourself...

Why Joining Is The Best Thing You Can Do For Yourself...

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